TRIP REPORT: Mount Mitchell (6,684′) – North Carolina’s High Point

Report from 11/19/17

Adventure and a wedding!

First off, a public congratulations to my sister Roxanne and her new hubby Joe on their wedding! I love you and I’m so proud of you!!!

Secondly, I will be honest, this is a short trip report. But you will soon understand why.

Rewind to about 2 days before I left for North Carolina. I was texting my sister and dad back and forth to figure out what exactly the plan was for the weekend. My sister and I had talked about going climbing together for her bachelorette party, and I was still waiting to get a confirmation from someone. I was due to land in North Carolina late Thursday night and would be in town all day Friday and Saturday for the wedding. Once I found out that we would have time to climb Friday morning and the rest of the day I would be free to do my own thing, I decided to start looking up things to do not having a clue of what was out there besides lakes, trees, trees, and more trees. I knew my sister lived fairly close to the Appalachians, so I decided to look up hikes in the area. I came to find out that North Carolina’s high point, Mount Mitchell, was only about a 2 1/2 drive from my hotel! So that is exactly what I did…

I took my little sister climbing,

Then, I drove out to Mount Mitchell, where I “hiked” the .25mi paved trail to the top; a mere 6,684’…

Was I dissapointed considering the fact that I live at 5,000′, and I have 11,000’+ peaks at my doorstep? Not Exactly. The views were beautiful, and the Autumn drive was incredibly colorful with the mass amounts of trees. It was a cool peak to check off my list, and the perfect way for someone like me to spend my short weekend in town!

North Carolina View (East)
Tennessee View (West)

As you can imagine, Saturday was wedding day! I wish I could’ve stayed longer to visit my sister, but I am glad that I was at least able to make it for the wedding!

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