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Hi, I’m Andrew. I am an active outdoorsman, enjoying many activities Colorado has to offer, while managing a large business amidst a series of challenges. I have come to be overwhelmed with work over the last couple years, and had even decreased outdoor activities, often deciding to lie in bed for the whole weekend more than bike, hike, climb, run with the dog, paddle, etc. Couldn’t focus at work, just distracted, frazzled, and usually late. I joined the Ascent Team because I felt 100% stuck. Literally couldn’t comprehend how to get back to my fun life and succeed at managing a company doing a million in revenue. In talking with Jacque on weekly video chats and talking through the week over a period of 12 weeks, I picked up significant courage for facing daily, intimidating tasks and got back to a regular schedule at the gym, as well as outdoor activities every weekend,  instead of staying in my safe bed. I also finally developed a good sleep schedule so that also by 11pm is normal vs 1am. In January 2021 I was back to my max back squat weight from Nov 2019, when I was in great shape. Work is still rough, but I can handle stress better and have been striving to be more organized and make more directed actions toward productivity. Still so much to improve on at the office.  Jacque is here to help you reach your goals,  no matter what area of life you struggle in. If you need help working through personal struggles in order to make them productive,  Jacque is your girl. She excels in helping create thought processes to help you work through mental and physical blocks in personal and professional life.


Jacque is an amazing coach and friend! Her positivity and coaching got me up Longs Peak in Colorado in July of 2019. It was my first class 3 peak and I was very nervous. It turned out to be quite an adventure complete with morning rain showers, snow showers, and ended with a huge thunderstorm. But she got us all down quickly and safely and had us back below tree line before the thunderstorm. I was supposed to climb Mt. Rainier with her this summer but we had to make the call to postpone due to COVID and route conditions. I look forward to climbing it with her in the future, and every other mountain I get the chance to do with her!”


“Jacque is an amazing mountaineering coach. She helped me on treks that I thought are impossible for me to do. She instilled encouragement and helped easing my fear to perform well on the most challenging terrains. Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO was beyond my reach but with Jacque it was fun and I couldn’t believe we were done in less than 12 hours. I owe it to Jacque that she accompanied me on this treacherous hike, guiding me along the way to summit it. I can’t believe myself I said, “YES!!!” to the opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier with Jacque this year which unfortunately was postponed due to COVID-19. I always look for opportunities to go out with her and hope to join her at home and international expeditions in future.”


“Jacque Tietjen is a fantastic teacher!  I have known Coach Jacque since November 2015 as a parent of one of her students. During that period I have witnessed her unique teaching style where she uses great methods and encourages fitness in a safe and fun way. She is a dedicated professional and communicator who motivates her students to strive for excellence. She cares about them as students and individuals, which we appreciate and love about her! A student is not a number in her class, each student is a unique and special person to her.  She connects with her students and they love her!  She is humble and approachable, and loves to share her love with others.”

                                                      -Maritza L.

“Jacque was my instructor and I think had it not been for the way she taught the class, I may not have been as willing to come back. She did a great job making the class both fun and safe and catered to each individual person. She took the time to make sure each person was able to do each exercise and was encouraging along the way. She is able to articulate exactly how to do each exercise and both shows us and walks us through it. You can tell that she has a passion for teaching. I have learned so much from Jacque and she has managed to make my experience a very positive one.”

                                                         -Alysha S.

“Jacque is a phenomenal instructor and an amazing friend. I have taken several classes in which she has taught, and each class has been even more informative than the last. Jacque is a very thoughtful and caring teacher and truly cares about each student within her class. Jacque ensures that all of her students excel at the task at hand and she does so with a smile, which brightens up everyone’s day and encourages them to continue practicing and learning.”

                                                     -Casey V. W.

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