Read about mountain training tips, free workouts, as well as expedition preparation and planning to prepare you for your next mountain adventure!

Mountain Training Tips:

Crevasse Rescue

Preparing for your first glacier climb? This skill is absolutely essential!

Glacier Travel Basics

Preparing for your first glacier climb? Here’s what you need to know!

Climbing Grades and Classes

Learn a little bit more about the difference in trail and climb difficulty rankings!

Training for High Altitude

Learn a little bit more what it takes to train for high altitude peaks!

High Altitude Weather Safety

Important weather safety tips for hiking/climbing at high altitude.

Climbing 101: The Basics

Never climbed before? This is for you!

How to Train for Everest Base Camp

What you need to know for a successful trek!

How to Create a Mountain Training Plan

Learn the basics of what it takes to create a workout plan specific to mountain training.

Mountain Training Excersises

For the vertically challenged. If you don’t have nearby access to mountains, you can still train for them!

Best Way to Prevent Altitude Sickness

The most common roadblock for high altitude climbers is the altitude itself.

Mental Space for the Climbing Mind

Learn about the power of mental performance and how to focus your mind on a climb.

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Train

(Even when you don’t want to)

It can be hard to motivate yourself to workout when you are tired and busy with life. Learn how to get out and do it anyway!

Expedition Preparation and Planning:

Tips for Expedition Preparation

What does it take to go on an expedition? Find out what you need to do to prepare!

What to Pack for an Expedition

Recommended packing lists from expedition leaders are long, and mostly unnecessary. This is especially the case if you have to meet airport weight limits. Here is a list of the essentials.

Quick Workouts:

6 Resistance Band Exercises Climbers Can Do at Home

Keep your climbing muscles strong at home.

Pre-Ski Season Workout!

Get your legs ready for powder season before the season begins!