Nature therapy is the best therapy! All of the following articles are about mindset, positive mentality, goal setting, mental health and wellness, practicing mindfulness, and connecting with nature in a therapeutic mental environment. Perfect for whether you are new to the outdoors, or an avid enthusiast. You can learn more about how powerful nature truly can be for our mindset and mentality!

How to Conquer Your Goals

Learn how to set goals effectively so that you are more likely to follow through and achieve what you set out for yourself!

Gain a Sense of Self

Learn how your emotions fuel your desires. Use journaling to break down your desires and aversions.

Mental Space for the Climbing Mind

How to practice focus to conquer ourselves on the mountain. Learning to get into this focused mental space is KEY to climbing success.

Conquering Myself

How I overcame mental illness through climbing. This is my story of how I found mental wellness through nature.

Finding Myself in the Woods

Alone in the woods to conquer mentality. Fear is powerful. Facing those fears will help you become mentally stronger.

How the Mountains Saved My Life

Utilizing nature as a form of therapy. Depression doesn’t stand a chance against the powers of nature.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness or suicidal thoughts you can contact the suicide hotline at 988 or contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline online.